środa, 8 stycznia 2014

it's not so bad. google: top searches.

when i tak a look at the list that show our top searches of 2013 i can say: it's not so bad. here are 6 people among first 10 positions. it's amazing. we can find there: paul walker (handsome but i'm not familiar with his movies), royal baby (can you imagine there was no postcard with its face in london in july? it's outrageous ;) ), cory monteith (who is he?), oscar pistorius, nelson mandela, margaret thatcher. awesome. we are still interested in people! some of them are stars, unfortunately some of them "deserved to be (over)googled" after their death.

other searches are for instance: iphone 5s and xbox one. 
łukasz orbitowski, a polish writer, once said that even during the communist era people didn't spend so much time standing in a queue as now (and we do it to get a brand new cell phone, not toilet paper or bread. it's pathetic). 

when it comes to top searches in poland i have no idea what country i live in: what is ask.fm and nc+?

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