niedziela, 26 stycznia 2014

justin beaver.. oops bieber. breaking news.

oh my fuck. now i know why i do not watch a shitty television. justin bieber was arrested for driving under the influnce. oh, so what? i heard about it from my sister. we both were really amused first. but it's pathetic to inform people about it in... news! almost everyone in hollywood is both % and drag user but come on why do people say "bieber was arrested" in news? does BBC do things like that?

poland, january the 23rd, prime time, news from TVN:,60/justin-bieber-aresztowany-za-jazde-samochodem-pod-wplywem-alkoholu,390687.html

justin bieber and chantel jeffries are having the time of their lives now ;) and our polish television realized that we people have to know about it. it's breaking news.

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