sobota, 4 stycznia 2014

it's a mad world

i always wanted my dream man to be kind, smart and handsome but now i've changed my mind. my expectations were too great. now i just want him NOT TO BE a cannibal or nekrophile. just be a normal guy.

if you hear from your gynecologist that you should go to the police as soon as possible that means you are dating a nekrophile. this is what i heard about a woman who ended up in a loony bin. all details are too disgusting to be shown here.

i also heard about a girl who discovered her ex boyfriend was a cannibal. she found it out while reading his book... 

stories like these really happen. creepy.

so if your boyfriend is cheating on you and he is doing it with a girl it's not so bad, if he is having an affair with a man it sucks but still it's kind of a normal thing. but if he... $%^&*(%^&*(
/what kind of world i live in/

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