piątek, 10 stycznia 2014

is there anything you hate? do you know how sigmund freud would comment on that?

"the wolf of wall street" is a well done movie, just like a steak (let's assume we don't like bloody steaks but to be frank my french uncle told me once that i was the only polish girl who has ever eaten his red steak and i enjoyed it. quite).

OK, let's back to the main subject:

i like everything about this newest martin scorsese's movie. it was funny and actors were great. leonardo dicaprio and jonah hill were brilliant. but...

i don't want to write here that i went to the cinema and watched the movie. i don't even want to make a kind of review, all i want to say is: i am sure that every man must want to have the life like characters played by dicaprio, hill and others did [who were actually a bunch of losers (i know that the story was based on a book written by real jordan belfort and people in 90's used to wear mustaches and stupid ties but come on, they really looked like assholes who were bullied at school before the grew up enough to start wearing a bow tie)].

jordan belfort had a wonderful life (i'm pretty sure he still does) and he was imprisoned for only 3 years. only 3 years for life like this? wasn't worth it? of course it was! i know this bachanalia is something that our society is supposed to comment on like that: to cross oneself... but if the truth be told... people seem to be shocked because they secretly envy them! (and it's not bad, jordan belfort's life story was really amazing but why do people try to pretend that they despise his life? it's bad. sigmund freud wouldn't approve it). so how can i comment on that? i just want to bang my head against a brick wall.

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